The Importance of Data Backup

Data Backup is something we constantly stress to all of our clients – whether it be a teenager who takes thousands of pictures, a business owner who stores sensitive accounting information, or a grandma who thoroughly enjoys playing solitaire every afternoon. Data loss prevention has become about so much more than people realize. It is now more important than ever to make sure your data stays protected. When data is lost, we can help you with data recovery. We’ll also work with you to setup a secure way to backup your data.

New Ways To Lose Data

For years, data loss has typically been precipitated by hardware failure – usually caused by a range of factors such as physical damage, power failures, and software crashes. However, the ways that your data can be lost are rapidly increasing. It is no longer an uncommon occurrence to open up your favorite news site and see yet another large organization taken hostage from the latest string of ransomware. Ransomware is a somewhat new method for hackers to make big bucks. In fact, a recent study from Cisco found that Ransomware is the most profitable hacker scam ever!

Just a week ago, St. Louis Public Library found themselves infested with ransomware on over 700 machines. The hackers requested $35,000 in order to remove encryption on their information. Fortunately in this case, SLPL retained adequate backups and was able to retrieve everything free of cost – all because of their backups. Many large companies and organizations haven’t been so lucky. Earlier this month Los Angeles Valley College paid a ransom of $28,000 to retrieve their data. When drives break or get infected, data recovery can be expensive. Sometimes, its not even an option. Most data recovery specialists charge upwards of $1500 for a drive disassembly with data recovery. Proper data backup is a way to prevent that necessity.

Proper Data Backup

There isn’t always a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to backup solutions. Some customers require faster transfer speeds, some need backups over the network. The options are countless. However, the fact remains that to truly be protected, industry experts recommend 3 storage locations of all data that is important to you. Typically this consists of 1. The original storage location on your machine. 2. A local backup stored on an external hard drive, networked drive, or similar. 3 An off-site Cloud backup. Together, these form a secure, redundant backup profile that gives you the best possible chance of data recovery in case of disaster.

Data Recovery / NAS

One example of a great home backup setup. This client opted for a NAS unit to store files on, as well as a Lacie 20TB RAID Backup drive. No matter where she is in the country, she has access to all of her data and knows it is backed up in case disaster strikes.

Visit one of our offices, located in Boonville and Marshall, or call us at 660.672.8080 to learn more. Our technicians have the expertise you need when making sure your data is safe.

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